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Reduce the number of vehicles on the road by up to 15%. 

Fuel Distribution

It’s time to take a deep dive into your company

Knowing vs. guessing

Without full visibility into your operations, you can only make educated guesses about what you need to do. Of course, experience will guide you, but it’s still no replacement for actually knowing what’s happening, as it happens, why it’s happening and what actions you need to take.

Picture a body of water – an ocean. You can see waves and anything floating on top of the water. Perhaps you even see fish just below the surface. But what’s happening beyond that? You can’t see the biodiversity and interactions taking place. You don’t know why, for example, fish are swimming near the surface, if a predator has driven them there or if they have come to the top to feed on plankton and smaller fish.

You can guess at what’s happening and why, but you’ll never really know unless you dive into the water yourself or send technology into the depths to report back to you.

Which brings us back to your company.

Looking beyond the surface

Digitalisation is the technology that enables you to look beyond the surface – to look deeper and see everything going on in your operations, enabling you to be agile. Yet according to a 2018 report by Deloitte, the downstream oil and gas industry has yet to adopt a digital mindset. “Random acts of digital” are commonplace, but that’s not digitalisation.

Digitalisation integrates every aspect of your business, from the tankers to planning and from administration to real-time delivery updates and reporting. You can view your operations from every angle and automate your processes. This is about giving you full visibility into operations. That’s the beauty of digitalisation. You can see what’s happening in real time and just as importantly, why it’s happening.

Digitalisation makes critical information accessible for different stakeholders, both internally and externally. Customers can have visibility into their accounts by viewing their current and past orders through specialty web portals. Customer service can access drivers and dispatchers while management can pull up accurate and detailed reports.

Full visibility enables you to identify exactly what process works and what doesn’t, acting accordingly. With AMCS Fuel Planner and suite of modules designed for the industry, you can take on the challenges you face and come out on top. Our customers report reducing the number of vehicles they put on the road by up to 15%. They reduced planning time by up to 75%. And these are just a few advantages they’ve realised with AMCS technologies.

Take control: webinars and blogs to help you get there

Explore the content we’ve prepared to help you take your company beyond the ordinary. We’re experts in the fuel distribution industry and the best-practice processes and technologies that can not only make you more competitive but put you on top. In a business where margins are continually squeezed, gaining full visibility into your operations has never been more important.


Watch our webinar session on Downstream Fuel

In this webinar AMCS will introduce Fuel Planner, with a special focus on how the features and functionalities can contribute to a more agile workflow and meet requirements, including:

  • ​​​​​the ever-changing order pool with just-in-time delivery demands
  • automatic order-generation based on forecasting
  • advanced compartment planning