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Scale House

25 nov 2016

3 Key Considerations When Installing New Scales / Scale House

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Are you considering installing new scales or a scale house at your site?  By keeping these three key considerations in mind before you begin will save you both time and money:

1. Proper Spare Conduit Installation Always install spare conduit near the beginning and the end of the scale even if you may not need it now.  This will allow for the expansion of additional lights, gates, and driver assisted terminals in the future.  Taking this approach before concrete or asphalt is installed will save you a fortune down the road as you attempt to automate your scales.

2. Stagger Your Scales If possible, stagger your scales so they are not identically parallel to each other.  This allows for better vehicle and human traffic to and from the scale house and also reduces noise that interferes with your daily scaling operations.

3. Evaluate Need for Traffic Lights and Bypass Lanes Evaluate the real need for traffic lights and bypass lanes at your scales.  You may find that the drivers never pay any attention to the traffic lights, but having bypass lanes that can control access may be a desirable solution.

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